Wayuu Shoulder Bag- Mochila Wayuu


The Wayuu people are a native Colombian group living in  La Guajira in Colombia.  The Wayuu are the largest indigenous ethnic group in Colombia, organized in matriarchal structure. The Wayuu children carry their mother’s last name, making the Wayuu women the center of the family and cultural leaders as well.  One of the most important aspects of culture that the Wayuu women practice is the art of weaving Mochilas Wayuu bags.

Each Wayuu mother teaches to her daughter how to weave and passes from generation to generation. To the Wayuu, weaving is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and creativity.  Young Wayuu women learn to create Mochilas Wayuu bags. Each design included into every Mochila Wayuu bag is unique to the weaver, telling a story through the bag’s colors, shapes and patterns. Wayuu women work full days while weaving their Wayuu bags and can take up to a full month to complete one single bag.  The mochila Wayuu is now a priced urban fashion accessory. 450 artisan families derive their source of revenue from this technique

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